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As promised here’s some more mixtapes from Street Spittas Ent…see you thought  I was bullshitting didn’t you.  Anyway, here’s the rest of the Mixtape Discography or at least what I could find and haggle people for.  Street Spittas Ent. is easily one of the hardest working independent labels in the city and a lot of  CEO RO’s great advice that he gave when he was a guest on the show has really helped me.  In fact, we are going to sit down for an interview one of these days…even though I don’t know think I told him about that yet lol.  The same goes for the rest Official Street Radio team…I like yall and I want yall…we can either do these interviews the easy way or we can do these interviews the hard way.  Seriously though, I hope to interview and talk to not just rappers, but managers, A&R’s, DJs, etc. to show people especially young black men that you don’t have to just be a fucking rapper.  You can most likely catch CEO RO and/or the rest of The Street Spittas at just about any event in the city, sometimes you might even see my funny looking ass too.  Be on the look out for Hock Raw’s solo mixtape Raw and Uncut dropping very soon, along with the story of how we first met and how I almost went to jail and got anally raped.  Also if haven’t gotten your Quick Fix already made sure you check that out too here.

Download Mixtape: Hard 2da Core (Hosted by DJ NoPhrillz)

Download Mixtape: Hardest Artist (Hosted by DJ NoPhrillz)

Download Mixtape: Hardest Artist Reloaded

Download Mixtape: Bicoastal Prince (Hosted by DJ NoPhrillz)

Download Mixtape: Time to Eat (Hosted by DJ NoPhrillz)

Download Mixtape: Dough Boy Music

Download Mixtape: Hoopty King Three

Download Mixtape: Business Over Beef (Hosted by DJ NoPhrillz)

Download Mixtape: Generation Kill (Hosted by DJ NoPhrillz)

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