Get Your Buzz Up Artist Showcase Philly Style

Doc Holliday August 4, 2010 Doc Holliday Blog, Events, Mixtapes No Comments

So tonight is the Get Your Buzz Up Artist Philly Showcase, I posted the flyer for both NY and Philly because I had intended to check out both showcases.  I really like checking out new talent whether music, food, or even just women.  If there was ever a better job for me it’s definitely A&R, I get to listen to music, go check out shows and artists, fraternize, and drink.  It’s funny because I wanted to be a NFL or a NBA scout when I was kid, but then again I also wanted to be an assassin…no seriously though people always look at me a bit weird when I say that.  Anyway, I didn’t make the NY show because I went to the Freddie Gibbs and Black Milk show which was awesome thanks for asking, you can check out the music here and look out for the recap never at this rate.  It probably worked out for the best, though, because by the looks of the dress code at Element I definitely wouldn’t have gotten in.  No Doorags!!! No Extra Long Tees!!! No Torn Clothing!!!  WHAT??!!! I love wearing that shit…ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!  Except I like to rock that shit with torn package pants and a pair of ugg boots.  In fact, I got numerous compliments about that particular outfit at the Freddie Gibbs show…at least I think they were compliments…a couple people said something, but I couldn’t really hear them because of the loud music so I just nodded my head and assumed they were dick riding.  Anyway, i’ll be at the show tonight i’ll probably just switch it up and go with jeans and tee I don’t need any more excessive dick riding tonight.  The rest of the team will be in the building as well, Phrillz and Benja are judging and the homie Nico is performing along with Thorobred, 2ew Gunn Ciz among many others.  So come out and enjoy the festivities…oh I almost forgot the lovely Sonyae Elise will be in the building performing as well.  Be sure to check out here mixtape below.

Download Mixtape: Lady Rebel Mixtape Part 1 (Official)

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