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1. Council Music

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3. The Greatest
4. Beat Knockin’ (Produced by Jahlil Beats)

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6. Wake Up
7. Rugby Down
8. The UN
9. Bullets & Gun Smoke (Feat. Meek Mill) (Produced by Jahlil Beats)
10. Crimesquare (Feat. McGruff)
11. Snapped
12. Filthy Game (Feat. Jae Millz)

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Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Today, marks the release of the new album…errr mixtape…I don’t know what the fuck this shit is, I fucks with it though.  I actually was supposed to write about Vado weeks ago, but then again there’s a bunch of shit I was supposed to do weeks ago.  The delay was mostly because a lot of times music is intertwined for me and I like to try to avoid link violations, i’m trying to do a better job of just breaking up posts though.  Anyway, I wasn’t always a fan of Vado and really that wasn’t even if his fault…that was the fault of Cam and Penz.  Cam and Penz started working together after Cam’s first hiatus, at least to my knowledge, back when Public Enemy #1 dropped ***warning link violation***.  My apologazies this is like my second link violation in as many weeks and now you understand the reason why I don’t post much…I mean other than the fact i’m a fucking slacker.  I’ve always been more of a Cam fan than a Dipset fan, but Penz wasn’t bad…I would have preferred a whole Cam mixtape though.  After that mixtape that was about the last I heard of him though, then I starting heard about The UN shit, The Boss of All Bosses mixtapes, and Vado.  As a result, of how things transpired with Penz I was like a scorned woman unable to open her heart again and since I never knew Vado used to fuck with Millz and Most Hated I quickly wrote him off.  I’m not sure how I never heard of him, though, because I used to fucks with Millz, keyword being used to.  Sorry homie that’s what happens when you start fucking with Young Money, nonetheless I still think he should be the best member of Young Money but he just doesn’t seem like that artist anymore.  In his defense I haven’t listened to a single one of his recent mixtapes so I could just be talking out of my ass, but once again that’s what happens when you start fucking with Young Money.  Getting back to Mr. Slime, after some time I was ready to accept another new Cam artist and as time went on I actually became a pretty big fan of his, especially by the time Speaking In Tungs dropped.

However, I became such a fan and it seemed like that album…errr mixtape was taking forever to come out that by the time I heard it my expectations were so ridiculously high I was a bit disappointed after first listen.  I wish I could say this doesn’t happen often but the fact of the matter is i’m an extremist ***shrugs***.  Since I know i’m like this though, I always try to at least give most mixtapes or albums a second listen and I listen to recommendations…you know assuming your music doesn’t fucking suck.  As a result, I liked the new mi…Slime Flu a lot more than I did off that first listen and Vado definitely doesn’t suck.  In fact, I know at least one person he should have replaced on that XXL Freshmen Class…OJ Da Juiceman i’m fucking looking at you…don’t try to fucking look away nigga.  I do have to say I love your adlibs though, in fact, when Wyatt got drunk as hell one night and I had to get this drunk ass muthafucka back home he was doing a perfect imitation of your adlib.  This muthafucka wouldn’t fit in the back seat, either his fucking head would be hanging out or his feet would be hanging out and every time I closed the door on his feet…not on purpose might I add, even though he definitely deserved it.  He was like AYE!!!  LMAO, that crazy muthafucka…but anyway I fucks with Slime Flu and would definitely recommend it, Celebration is probably my favorite song.  I’m very much looking forward to the Guns & Butter album or mixtape him and Cam are supposed to be doing and I think it’s safe to say we don’t have another Penz situation on our hands.  I have 2 other Vado mixtapes you can grab at the link below, and while looking for all of recently leaded Vado tracks I found this great interview over at 2dopeboyz that explains what happened with Slime Flu and just some the recent going-ons with Vado.  Enjoy and look out for those Dipset mixtapes soon.  Oh yeah!!!  I almost forgot shout to Philly’s own Meek Mill and Jahlil Beats on the album….errr mixtape…FUCK!!!  Damn and McGruff on the album too, I always fucked with Gruff too no homo.

More Vado Shit: Large On The Streets x Slime Time x Recently Leaked Tracks

On the BET Cypher [via XXL]

It’s like a walk in the park for me cause I grew up doin’ that. I’m one of those types that love to show off for the camera, so when I got there you know everybody showed love, the vibe was crazy, so we just got it off.

When asked if he thought that BET could have put him against some stiffer competition, he didn’t hold his tongue. “Of course,” he said, adding, “but you know, it’s all love. I’m patient so it will come in due time, trust me.”

On Slime Flu [via RapFix]

How did Slime Flu go from a mixtape to an album?
The anticipation, most definitely, [and] the buzz. And Cam felt that we give ya’ll a trilogy of Boss of All Bosses, which is what built my anticipation. He said you might as well put Slime Flu in stores.

How did Drama feel about not doing it anymore?
Drama’s my dude. I’ll have a Slime Flu in stores but after that comes out I’m putting out a Slime Flu with Drama, definitely, and then we putting out Boss of All Bosses 3 with Drama.

The one Drama will produce will have different music?
Definitely. We got over 100 songs, we work every day. I’m leaking songs every week, and those not even on the album. I keep saying album, I mean mixtape.

Did you do anything different with Slime Flu once E1, who’s distributing the project, got involved?
Songs have been off and on the mixtape for almost a year. It’s just been like, put this on take this off, put this on, take this off. Originally the songs for Slime Flu was “Large On The Streets,” “I Got Em,” “Kick in the Door,” “Memory Lane,” “Hard in the Paint” freestyle, for the Drama street version. A lot of songs that are out,  the samples couldn’t get cleared so I ended up switching up a lot of songs.

Was that frustrating?
Definitely. It was frustrating because I’m like, ‘this mixtape’s gonna be a classic!’ Then I’m taking songs off that can’t get cleared. I’m like ‘oh don’t do this to me.’ Cam calling me five in the morning, you gotta come to the studio and fix this. Then I’m listening to my other tracks, putting those and thinking now I done got it back to the point where I’m like it’s a classic again, I feel good about it. Then we can’t get it cleared. I’m like, ‘oh producers acting up. Oh man, don’t do this to me.’ So it’s been crazy. I know I been having people wait so long, that’s why I’m gonna keep hitting ya’ll with music until it comes out. I want people to get tired of waiting.

On not making XXL’s Freshmen list.

A lot of people felt you got snubbed on the XXL Freshmen cover. Why do you think they didn’t include you?
Maybe at the time they weren’t really on to me, I guess. That came out in a good way though because they wasn’t on to me but then they paid attention because people was upset about it. So they was like, let me listen to this, and let him perform at this [XXL Freshmen concert at Highline Ballroom], see what he can do.

They’ll do another freshmen cover. Will you be on it or are you past freshman status already?
To be honest I feel I’m past that. But if they were to do that, I’ll definitely be thankful, because XXL always showed love to me. I been in about three or four issues already. I feel I’m past that but I’d definitely be honored to be a freshman of 2011.

2dopeboyz the website that makes it easy for lazy ass bloggers and writers like myself…I think that should really be their new slogan or something, just make sure I get my cut.

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