Sha Stimuli (Doc Holliday 2011 Joe Kane Freshmen) – Overtime: My Soul To Keep (Mixtape)

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I figured since the full list containing my 2011 and 2012 Freshmen Class isn’t finished yet I would start dropping off some music from some of the members in meantime.  Why isn’t it finished yet?  A number of reasons really…thanks for asking…i’m more of a moody writer than blogger, i’m lazy as fuck, and i’m kind of a perfectionist.  Also I didn’t intend for it to happen, but the post containing my 2011 and 2012 Freshmen kind of has a bit of my own life story in there too.  As a result it is probably my favorite piece of writing in my short writing career and I want it to be perfect.  Hopefully, it will get finished sooner rather than later though.  Anyway, speaking of things that I haven’t finished, there’s actually a really great story about me and Sha Stimuli…well at least I think it’s a great story of how I started listening to his music and then our meeting/interview.  I’m hoping to finish it up by the end of the year, when I take a bunch of days off from my soul sucking job to really try and find myself.  Nonetheless, I wanted to drop off this mixtape from one of my favorite members of my 2011 Freshmen Class and arguably one of my favorite rappers right now.  He made one of my favorite albums last year, and then he f0llowed that up by making one of my favorite mixtapes this year.  Whic may actually be better than the album, but in a different way as it has more of a mixtape feel to it.  As a result, I even gave it the fancy Soundcloud treatment in hopes that you will at least listen to one song.  Him and his manager DJ Victorious were also a very big inspiration to me and as a result I hope our interview was even a fraction as inspiring for him.  I think it may have been though…did I mention I had sex with our interview…I mean really it was so good that when I thought I erased it I damn near had a heart attack .  Then again this may all be in my head…I’ll have to go to the tape.  The fact that I handled that interview with a great rapper like Sha Stimuli like he was somehow my equal is something I would have never dreamed of in a million years.  In this age of self-absorbed rappers, I was surprised that Sha doesn’t even think he’s that great and that he could better.  I definitely didn’t expect that, but based on his music and understanding that he has that A&R mentality like myself where you can help others, but you can’t really help yourself it made sense.  The Joe Budden song Good Enough has always been the soundtrack to my life ever since I heard it.

@JoeBudden – Good Enough by DocHolliday

However, it was through Sha and DJ Victorious that I realized the importance of XXL’s Freshmen List and how it can change your career.  It automatically adds notoriety to your name and puts you in the upper echelon of rappers…unless your name is OJ Da Juiceman, of course.  In these rough times when the music industry is struggling and people all over over the world are struggling not just rappers, the added cache that the XXL Freshmen List brings can really help a lot of great rappers like Sha continue to make great music on their terms.  Which in my opinion, as the music industry becomes more and more fucked that allows us fans to get the best music.  I’m almost amazed that a great rapper like Sha has been overlooked for so long while many rappers don’t even have 1 project nearly as good as the 21 SOMETHING ODD PROJECTS he has.  IT’S A FUCKING TRAVESTY AND I FOR ONE WILL NOT STAND FOR IT!!!  I mean the man made Thriller for god sakes…oh wait no that was Michael Jackson…you get the picture though.  The man has a lot of great music and I don’t care if he is a bit older than me and some fickle ass rap fans think rappers can’t rap past a certain age either.  First of all, it’s rap for god sakes not fucking rocket science…sorry rappers…it’s not.  Second of all, if anything has been proven with the recent renaissance of legendary rappers putting out great music recently, it’s that great rappers can make great music when they have the right inspiration.  Personally, I think Sha is great enough and makes the type of great music I would love to hear for years.  Shit, I haven’t even really talked about his actual music…which if you don’t know is great…we’ll save that for the other post I suppose.  So it gives me great honor to dub Sha Stimuli my Joe Kane Freshmen for 2011.  For you guys that aren’t movie afficionados like Sha and I, Joe Kane was the quarterback in the program that returns to college as a freshmen even though…he’s a bit old.  I was going to say old as fuck, but i’m feeling old these days since my 28th birthday just passed.  Nigga you too old to be blogging…go fuck yourself.  I actually pitched this idea to Sha as I was burning through my interview questions as we were walking down the street and he liked it.  He even said he wanted to use the scene when they are laying in the street in a video.  I couldn’t have been happier…I’m just going to need a cameo in the video.  Now that was a good day…aside from almost giving myself a heart attack.  Check the link below for some more Sha Stimuli shit including my thoughts on him and his music.

More Sha Stimuli: 12 Mixtapes x 12 Months (Complete Collection)

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