Jahn Q – Album In Stores x This Land Of Mine 2 (Mixtapes)

Doc Holliday January 20, 2011 Doc Holliday Blog, Mixtapes 1 Comment



Oh yeah, 2 weeks in a row I got some stuff on the site in preparation for the quest!!!  MAN, THAT’S GUEST NIGGA!!!  My bad…i’m still fucking stoked!!!  Oh yeah, I said stoked too!!!  Niggas can used to stoked too!!!  Tonight’s guest on the show Jahn Q., I won’t be in attendance as my old ass is about to take a nap and then head to D.O.E. Boy Back 4 The D.O.E. Listening Party later.  Otherwise I would be there though.  I actually saw Jahn Q. perform in Jersey and I liked him, but we didn’t get a chance to talk.  It was like the middle of winter, I was not dressed accordingly because I never check the weather, and the dumb ass club made me check my fucking coat so I didn’t feel like socializing.  Like seriously though, do I look like i’m going to shoot up the place…REALLY???  Nonetheless, I liked him and i’m looking forward to checking out his music.  I’m always happy to check out some new R&B…hopefully I can say the same for you.  Anyway, make sure you tune into the show tonight from 6-10 on or on the site.  It’s now nap time niggas.

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