Official Street Radio Spotlight: Diz Gibran – Soon You’ll Understand (Mixtape) (Produced by Moonshine)

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On my never ending quest to find new artist and great music I stumbled upon Diz Gibran’s music last year.  His Soon You’ll Understand mixtape was one of the top mixtapes from 2dopeboyz 2009 2(Dope) Year End List found here.  Even before I started writing for this website or doing any of the other millions of things I do these days i’ve always liked finding new music and new artist.  I never been the type of person to simply be content with the shit the record labels, tv, and the radio tries to shove down our throats.  In most cases, like the case of Diz Gibran I find some great music that way.  From the Intro I was pretty sure I was going to love his mixtape and I did…then again if you use Jay-Z Soon You’ll Understand as your intro it’s a pretty good chance I will.  It sets the tone though…for the life music as Diz calls it, that him and Queens, New York producer Moonshine create.

From the production, to the tone, to the messages, and lyrics it makes for easily one of my favorite mixtapes or even just projects from 2009…even though I didn’t discover it until last year.  It’s also just one of my favorite projects in my collection and something I always throw on from time to time.  As a result, when I went out to LA last year Diz was one of the few artist I reached out to during my stay they there to possibly interview.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get together.  However, as fate would have it, he is actually going to be performing in NY Thursday at SOB’s and I could be more excited to see him perform along with a couple other artist from the left coast.  I don’t really like doing interviews these days, but I would love to talk to him and I find out when his next project that I have been anxiously anticipating is finally coming out.  Of course, i’ll be on location to crack a couple jokes and provide updates from the show on twitter as well.  Perhaps, even charm and impress a XXL editor or writer at the show…I guy can only hope.  Then, maybe even write a recap about the show in a timely manner…I may be being a bit overzealous with that last one.

It should be a great show though and if you haven’t heard of Diz Gibran or his Soon You’ll Understand mixtape I really can’t recommend it enough.  Everyone I have recommend it to has liked it, it’s one of the those rare pieces of music that isn’t too overbearing in anyone respect…and i’m not just saying that because when I originally wrote about it Diz thanked me on twitter lol.  I always write what I want to write and if I can touch or help at least one person cool.  I was glad to finally figure out where the hell the sample from City Lights was from too…I forget now, but at least Diz was kind enough to tell me because that shit was driving me crazy.  While denoting him as a member of my 2012 Freshmen Class would make the title far too long, it is important to note that he is in fact a member of that muthafucka.  If his new project would have dropped last year he would have been clear candidate for not only my 2011 Freshmen Class, but also XXL’s…at least to me.  The one thing I realized shortly after listening to Diz’s music was that he had a killed a couple other features on various projects I just didn’t know it was him.  I definitely know who he is now and i’m very much looking forward to meeting him and seeing him perform Thursday…hopefully I won’t still be feeling like death then too.  Anyway, I guess that about wraps it up aside from saying Truly Yours is my shit too.  If you like the mixtape feel free to pick that up over Diz’s Bandcamp.  Tracklisting and link below for Soon You’ll Understand. Also be sure to check out Diz’s first mixtape Spin City Vol. 1 as well. the link below for his first mixtape as well.

1. (Intro) Soon You’ll Understand
2. Welcome
3. Once Again
4. The Hardest Word
5. Exactly
6. Just Me Ft. Moonshine
7. On It f. Rae Rosero
8. The Greatness f. Pacific Division & Kartwright (The Great Wall)
9. Stereo
10. Impossible
11. Capital D
12. Run Around f. Moonshine
13. City Lights
14. Morning Light
15. Calypso Flow
16. Truly Yours f. BJ The Chicago Kid
17. (Outro) Soon You’ll Understand
18. New Religion
19. The Reunion f. Bleu Collar (The Great Wall)

Download: Soon You’ll Understand (Mixtape) [Bandcamp] | Doc Link

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