Hyspeed (Doc Holliday 2012 Freshmen) – Wanted (Mixtape) (Hosted by DJ NoPhrillz)

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Update: I’ve actually had the great pleasure of meeting Hyspeed since I wrote this…and he actually exceeded all my expectations…good and bad lol…just kidding.  He’s a great kid, he just needs a little direction.  Often times, when I listen to music I usually don’t care so much about content because i’ve found it’s pretty irrelevant when evaluating a lot of young artist.  I know in some cases many people have said I like this guy, but I don’t like the content of his music…or he’s just another crack rapper.  I usually tell those people to go fuck themselves…no literally.  Lack of content can easily be fixed with the right inspiration anyway.

Many times artist feel that they need to rap about certain things or say certain things in order to “blow up” or appeal to a wider audience.  While this is sometimes true, what I have always thought and found out during the course of my crazy journey last year is that is only part of the story.  While rapping about nothing or “swag” rapping may score you a couple fickle fans along the way.  Good, deep, relate-able music is what really pulls people in.  I found this out first hand at Joe Budden’s show at B.B. Kings…not the one in Philly lol…and the line was like Disney Park length.  I’ve never seen so many people at a show, and I think…no I know it’s because of the type of music that Joey makes.

I bring this up because I thought content was the only thing missing when I listened to Hyspeed’s music.  Sure enough, when I met him I found out that his music is actually much deeper, more diverse, and also much better than some of the stuff on this mixtape.  Right once again!!!  He gave me a CD with a couple songs that may or may not make his new album and with the exception of the remix to Usher’s Hot Toddy, I loved them all lol.  At this point he remains one of my young favorite artist and i’m very much looking forward to seeing how his upcoming album Rhyme & Reason turns out as he tries to find his direction…as I try to find my own direction along the way too lol.  Once again proving that assumptions are the mother of a fuckups.

This is another artist that came highly recommended from DJ NoPhrillz…we’ll just act like he didn’t host and/or mix this mixtape lol.  I’m beginning to think this DJ NoPhrillz guy knows a little bit about music though, but seriously can we come together with an uniform term for DJ involvement on mixtapes.  Some DJs host, some mix, and…some present them muthafuckas…ahh couldn’t think of a good enough joke there.  Nonetheless, Hyspeed like I said came highly recommended and I have to say for good reason.  He is definitely one of the best young artist I have heard in the city from his flow and lyrics.  He even has a little content behind him too, in addition to being a bit of the slick talking type dude…which always scores you a couple points with me.  It’s funny because Team Cheating member Bags just hit me up drunk ranting about Hip Hop being dead and shit I, of course, strongly disagreed.  There are plenty of great young artists making music that he would love like Hyspeed.  I did agree that the music that is pushed these days sucks, but then again I don’t listen to that shit so fuck it.  It’s also funny because in his drunken state one of the artists he mentioned was Jae Hood…old Jae Hood…Best of Jae Hood Vol. 1 Jae Hood.  That dude was a monster, and even though Hyseed doesn’t really remind me of Jae Hood I can see the same talent in him.  Damn I miss the old Jae Hood as I listen to one of his old mixtapes.  The only reason I’m not listening to Hyspeed at the moment is because his music is on my other computer too.  I need to strike while iron is hot sometimes, I have the attention span of mongoose on meth at times.  Trust me and Phrillz though, Hyspeed is definitely one of the best young artists doing it in the city.  I’m definitely looking forward to eventually meeting him and hearing some more of his music along with his new mixtape too.

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