Stalley – MadStalley: The Autobiography Mixtape x Hercules (Video)

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I had originally wrote this a little while back after the release of Stalley’s Hercules video when it seemed like his name was every where.  I liked it, which doesn’t really say much because I wrote it.  I mean that’s like asking a rapper who their their favorite rapper is.  I wasn’t sure how truly douchey it sounded or whether or not it might get me punched in the face though.  For whatever reason I never posted it though…even though it was long overdue as you’ll find out.  Then, as Stalley prepared for the release of Lincoln Way Nights it seemed like the buzz around Stalley only seemed to grow so I figured I would roll out this story that may or may not get be punched in the face when it released.  So without further ado a little story.

A couple months back I had a very funny, very douchey exchange with Stalley’s manager or one of his weed carriers.  I always hope I never offend anyone, but I call everyone that is not managing an artist but wearing pom poms for them a weed carrier.  Due to the nature in which the exchange originally started I think the stereotype is fitting though lol…but then again i’m a douche.  Seriously though, @MILQMEN told me to tell @ccelli to support @Stalley.  I mean I understand i’m a nobody, but seriously dude i’m a fucking middle man now too.  You couldn’t have said hey @DocHolliday609 why don’t you check out @Stalley‘s music or suppport @Stalley or even…and this may sound crazy…@ccelli hey support or check out @Stalley‘s music.  Even though I may not always be the most tactful person i’m a big stickler for little shit like this.

The funny part is no one really knows who the fuck I am, what I know, or most importantly what the fuck I do.  Which to be quite honest is actually kind of awesome lol.  I have actually seen Stalley perform several times…unfortunately i’ve never really been that blown away by him.  No surprise there though, and nothing against Stalley, as a lot of good and great rappers don’t always translate into great performers especially not right away…Jay Electronica i’m looking at you…don’t look away nigga.  Despite, the fuckery I originally endured via @MILQMEN, Stalley’s live show, and not really be blown away by his features on 24 Hr Karate School I was still holding out hope for Stalley and the weed carrying @MILQMEN.  So when Stalley dropped off a link to his MadStalley: The Autobiography Mixtape I happily downloaded it and liked what I heard.  I still need to go back and listen some more before I ultimately determine if i’m a full fledge Stalley fan, ready to help carry his weed, or help him pick it up his weed if were to fall all over the floor like was the case with Strong Arm Steady.  I’m definitely looking forward to checking out Lincoln Way Nights though, and ultimately whenever Ski Beatz and him finally figure out Stalley’s “sound” I happen to think it’s going to be pretty awesome.  All douchebag banter aside more music and experience are all that really stands betweens Stalley blowing up in my eyes…oh and my 2011 Freshmen Class.  For some reason I just have a good feeling about dude though…and the weed carrying @MILQMEN.  Tracklisting and link below.

1. Welcome To The Show
2. Masterpiece
3. Slim’s Return
4. Babblin’
5. Stay feat. Jesse Boykins III
6. Distant Land Feat. Melo-X
7. TinLizyFordToARollsRoyceBoy
8. Sunrays Feat. Jade
9. The Autobiography
10. All For You
11. Worldwide Feat. Mickey Factz
12. Spice Island Feat. Brian Auger

Download: MadStalley: The Autobiography Mixtape

Stalley “Hercules” from XXL Video on Vimeo.

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