Green and Organic Burgers!

Jodie S. March 11, 2011 Food and Drink No Comments

Very excited to hear about this for many reasons.
1. You all know how I feel about poultry and meat!
Go green and when you can go organic.
2. I live and work on South Street – so any new business coming in to the area is a good thing.
3. Burgers are one of my favorite things and pretty much the only time I eat red meat.

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A green and organic burger joint that will be known as O Burger, is set to open its doors in about a month at 326 South St! The location was previously home to the clothing store, Underground Market. Business partners Eyal Aranya and Toni Nadav have switched gears to bring us some healthy grub. The menu will include selections of all-organic beef, turkey, chicken, and veggie burgers, with sides such as fries, salads, and hummus. Word also has it that the duo plans on opening two additional locations in Center City. We are anxiously awaiting this delicious and healthy soon-to-be phenomenom.

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