Doc Holliday Spotlight: A Redi Roc (of Ape Gang) Story x Mixtapes

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Update: This post is really all over the place as I have went back and written it numerous times.  I don’t even want to look at it lol.  However, I do know that I like what I was trying to say, Redi Roc, and really the rest of Ape Gang a lot.  Garci hold your head homie.  Being as though I wanted to bring this back in some form or fashion for the Philly Meets Jersey 3 tonight at D’Place along with Rediroc’s new video that I really liked.  It just seemed fitting to cast the Doc Holliday Spotlight on one of my favorite artist from the city.  Tracklisting and link way down yonder for the most recent tape and links for the older tapes as well.  I can’t wait for the new tape with it’s crazy name and all.

I figured I would bring this post back since Rediroc’s mixtape release party is tonight at Suite 32/38…plus, I wanted to clean up this post and write a couple more things.  When I had originally decided to do this whole Freshmen list bullshit a couple of the artist that I knew that had to be on the list were Rediroc and the rest of the Ape Gang.  Essentially, I broke down the list into two years 2011 & 2012, which can be found here.  Similar to XXL’s own list, it’s a nice breakdown of some of the up and coming rappers in the game.  I would say best up and coming rappers, but I don’t like some of them muthafuckas.  Unfortunately, these days talent doesn’t always determine how far you may go in the game.  It’s all about having a buzz or creating some type of following.  So for my own Freshmen list I didn’t just limit it to 2011 or rappers…as there are a lot of talent people not just rappers, especially in Philly that could potentially vie for a spot in XXL’s 2012 Freshmen list.

I just so happen to think Rediroc and the rest of the Ape Gang are some of those people.  With the added bonus that they happen to be some of the most humble and best business minded artist that I have had the pleasure of meeting.  Usually, talent and those aforementioned things don’t exactly go hand in hand, but it’s always nice when they do.  I know some very talented douche bags that I really have no choice but to like because they and make great music.  However, it’s always nice when an artist is talented and not a douche bag…it’s the little things.  As a result, those are the type of artist that I find I really want to help like many others if I can.  I don’t have nearly enough time to help everyone and since some muthafuckas really don’t deserve to be help I have to be selective.  So even though there’s like 3 different links to his new mixtape on datpiff lol…one of which is the one I put up there…I was more than happy to help get it up on the site as well as on our own site and speak to how talented I think those guys are.

In my eyes, all that stands between Rediroc and the rest of the Ape Gang is that people don’t know how good they are…especially outside of Philly.  They still have room to grow as artist as well, but they should be on bigger sites and bigger blogs like a couple other Philly artist because they are just as talented if not moreso than some of the artist on them.  I thought it was funny that when Redi Roc started getting a lot of positive feedback after his mixtape dropped he was all surprised that people were fucking with him.  It’s always funny that some of the most talented artist I have met are always a bit apprehensive and oblivious to how talented they are.  I’ve found that it’s mostly because they still think they can get better or because even though many people would die to be in there shoes they aren’t where they want to be yet.  I guess i’m kind of like that as well.  Whereas you got a bunch of other asshats talking about they the best out when they can’t even tie artist like Rediroc fucking sneakers…fucking asshats.  So just as Jakk Frost told Rediroc, yes homie a lot of people like your music and the way you care yourself.  Keeping doing your thing and I’m sure big things will continue to come to you and the rest of the Ape Gang.  As far as the mixtape goes it’s very good too.  I thought it was going to be good leading up to the release and it was every bit as good as I thought…maybe even better.  Everyone who I have talked to about it has like it as well.  Shit, I think I have only listened to it all the way through once because I always run a bunch of songs back.  So before we get to the original post here are some of my favorite songs from the mixtape.  If you haven’t listened to it by now and you like that gritty shit a lot of times found in Philly I would definitely recommend it too.  I also wanted to acknowledge some of the great video work that Pyrofilmz and Same DNA do they are also included in my Freshmen Class.  I even thought about making a separate post with just the videos, but I thought that might be excessive…plus i’m lazy.  I fuck with you guys though…no homo.

@rediroc215 – The Morning Call Prod. Dom Da Boss by DocHolliday


@rediroc215 – Money Never Sleeps Prod. @paceobeats by DocHolliday

@rediroc215 – Green Light by DocHolliday

@rediroc215 – Movin It Ft. Joey Jihad, Ar-Ab, @PREEM_215, Black Deniro & Miz Diego Prod. Dom Da Boss by DocHolliday

The release of the Rediroc mixtape Money Never Sleeps from Ape Gang representative marks when of the rare occassions when I got off my ass and wrote something in the timely manner.  I guess you can say I was inspired or I like Rediroc, but who really knows with me.  I still haven’t listened to all the of music from Ape Gang, but what I have listened to I have liked and they come highly recommended from several people I have the utmost respect for.  I’ve probably listened to more music from Rediroc than the other guys even though i’ve talked to Preem the most.  So I was looking forward to checking out the new mixtape from Rediroc back when it dropped and I was pretty sure it was going to be as good as expected.  I stuck around at the meet and greet at Raw long enough to catch one of the interviews before getting my tired ass the fuck out of there as the sounds of the mixtapes filled the store.  I’m glad I stuck around too, wearing Timbs and a Coogi straight out my younger days lol.  It’s always nice to get a better understanding of an artist and assuming the artist happens to be a savy, business minded, and humble artist like Rediroc and the other members of Ape Gang it makes them far more likeable…it doesn’t hurt if the music is good too lol.

Really, I have always been much more a fan of more street orientated, gritty music like the music that Rediroc and the rest of Ape Gang make as well…shit that’s actually all I used to listen to in my younger more close-minded days when I used to wear that same Coogi.  I always hated how some “crack rappers” are overlooked because of the content of their music while far less talented conscious or different rappers get a pass for simply for being different.  Personally, I have never given two fucks about the content of the music assuming it’s hot, because I expect different things from different artists.  It’s like sometimes I look at those rappers that make different music, like yeah you’re different or conscious, but man you still fucking suck.  On the other hand, there are also a lot of rappers that strictly rap about street shit and ultimately suck too.  At the end, at least to me, you’re hot if you’re hot, regardless of the content of the music.  In the case, of Rediroc and the rest of the Ape Gang I know exactly what i’m getting from them and with his new mixtape we get that same great formula.

As I left the store back on that day, I threw it in the Altima shortly after hearing bits and pieces in the store and I liked it just as much as I thought I would…I love being right.  It’s definitely a very good mixtape that I would highly recommend…you know assuming you’re not fucking close-minded.  Really, my only complaint would be that I wish I could have gotten at least one in depth story-tale or relate-able track on the mixtape because I know it would have been great.  However, I understood where Rediroc was coming from with not including one based off the interview I saw.  He wants to save those great stories for later down the road, but I would just say if it’s there give it to the fans now.  Great, relate-able songs really pull the fans in and at least for me, those are always some of my favorite songs on any project.  With that said, I know when the time is right it shouldn’t be a problem.  The thing that some people don’t realize is with any talented artists even ones of the “crack rap” ilk, is it easy to teach them how to make songs or create great concepts they just need the right inspiration.  However, teaching talent or actual rapping, things that Rediroc and the rest of the Ape Gang are great at, are far more difficult.  Tracklisting and link below for the most recent tape and links for the older tapes as well.

Download: Money Never Sleeps (Mixtape) [Datpiff] | Alt. Link [Datpiff] | Alt. Link [Datpiff] |  Doc Link

Download: I’m Redi: The 6200 (Mixtape) [Datpiff] | Doc Link

Download: It’s Rediroc Vol. 1 (Mixtape) [Datpiff]

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