Fashawn & DJ Green Lantern – Ode to Illmatic (Mixtape)

Doc Holliday June 11, 2011 Doc Holliday Blog, Mixtapes 2 Comments

I keep forgetting to go back and repost this tape from Fashawn, but I figure since i’m posting some other Nas shit today since I missed seeming him perform at The Roots Picnic i’ll finally stop being lazy with this shit.  Especially, since it’s a very tape too.  Even when I first heard about Fashawn before this tape was even rumored I thought he reminded me a lot of a young Nas.  I even got to tell him as much when I interviewed him.  It’s really apparently, at least, to me on Boy Meets World too. Which is a really great album entirely produced by Exile, whom you may heard about with Blu.  I think i’ll definitely have to go back and give this a listen just to see how it sounds since I first heard it and especially in comparison to Elzhi’s ELmatic. There always seem to be a certain stigma attached to anyone that tries to pay homage to Nas or really any legend…I mean it’s not like your biting, but your paying homage…I don’t know I always feel like there’s a difference.  Nonetheless, both Fashawn and Elzhi for that matter are so much more than just Nas clones.  Anyway, tracklisting and link below to the tape.  You can also check out some more Fashawn shit here.

Download: Ode to Illmatic (Mixtape)

Props: 2dopeboyz

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