Official Street Radio Spotlight: Ape Gang Mixtapes

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Official Street Radio Spotlight: Ape Gang Mixtapes

You probably won’t find a more hard working crew in all of Philly than The Ape Gang, and yet they remain relatively humble as well.  I’ve have had the great pleasure of meeting most of them which has only made me respect them a little more.  So in an effort to help promote some of my favorite artist in the city that just so happen to make some of my grimy type music that I just so happen to love, I figured I would wrap up most of their music all in one post.  I probably could say far more, but I’m already pretty sure I don’t like this slightly motivated Doc.  Ape Gang will be performing tonight at Urban Meets Suburban with Chic Raw and a bunch of other talented artist.  Speaking of Chic Raw that new song 12 12′s with him and Redi Roc is definitely my shit.  Links below for the bunch of Ape Gang’s music.

Download: Don’t Get Shot (Mixtape) [Datpiff] | Doc Link

Download: Let’s Talk Business (Mixtape) [Datpiff]

Download: Rubberband Gwap 3 (Mixtape) [Datpiff] | Doc Link

Download: Rubberband Gwap 2 [Datpiff] | Doc Link

Download: Rubberband Gwap

Download: Money Never Sleeps (Mixtape) [Datpiff] | Alt. Link [Datpiff] | Alt. Link [Datpiff] |  Doc Link

Download: I’m Redi: The 6200 (Mixtape) [Datpiff] | Doc Link

Download: It’s Rediroc Vol. 1 (Mixtape) [Datpiff]

Download: Concrete Audio (Hosted by DJ Set) (Mixtape) [Datpiff] | Doc Link

Download: Homicide City The Cold Case Files (Mixtape)

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