Writtenhouse – Sunshine Philadelphia Volume 2: The Writtenhouse Effect (Mixtape) (Mixed By DJ Akshun)

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I’ve heard of Philadelphia’s own Writtenhouse numerous time…always good things, but i’ve never heard any of their music…well until now.  I’m listening to While You Were Sleeping now…I like it and it’s pretty much what I expected.  Kind of in that Tribe Called Quest lane.  Which is funny because i’m not really the biggest Tribe Called Quest fan and years ago I probably wouldn’t have been a Writtenhouse fan.  That was music I used to put in the sofT category *Eddie Murphy in Life voice* and ignorantly ignored in my younger years.  However, as I gotten older i’ve realized how ignorantly and close-minded some of the things I did in my younger days was.  You have to appreciate each piece of music or art for it’s own uniqueness and how well it accomplishes it’s goal.  Even though people constantly always attempt to compare music or art.  With that said, I think Writtenhouse is great as what they do…whatever they want to categorize their music as…if they even choose to do such a thing, but I already knew their music was going to be good…i’m nice like that *pops collar*.  If you are new to Writtenhouse check out their Sunshine Philadelphia Volume 2: The Writtenhouse Effect mixtape found below.  Tracklisting and link below.  Who knows where the fuck Volume 1 is or if it even exist though.  They’ll also be opening up for Raekwon, Ghostface, and Mobb Deep along with Jersey’s own Apollo The Great at The Rock Bells show tonight at The TLA.

1. Intro
2. Times Tickin’
3. Way to Go ft Eshon Burgundy
4. Like This
5. Home Cooked Mill ft Verso
6. Cloud City ft Voice
7. Revoushun Musik
8. Remedy
9. Continuity Freestyle
10. Don’t Speak ft Young Zeke
11. Mathematix ft Sick Six
12. Give Em What They Want
13. The World
14. Inna Lite

Download: Sunshine Philadelphia Volume 2: The Writtenhouse Effect (Mixtape)

Props: fiftyonefiftyone

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