Official Street Radio Spotlight: Wale Mixtapes

Doc Holliday October 28, 2011 Doc Holliday Blog, Featured, Mixtapes 2 Comments

I had been meaning to go back and update this post on a couple different occasions, most recently after Self Made Vol. 1 dropped.  To me, I was most impressed with Wale on the album, but I wouldn’t exactly say everyone shared that same viewpoint.  In fact, you might not find a more polarizing rapper that doesn’t happen to suck than Wale.  Hopefully, i’ll address this at a later date.  I keep meaning to go back and listen to More About Nothing, but what I did hear I liked a lot.  Far more than I originally remember liking The Mixtape About Nothing.  Back To The Feature probably remains my favorite project of his along with his major label debut…wait I want to say that again for effect his MAJOR LABEL DEBUT Attention Deficit is a very good, well rounded debut album.  So it’s a little confusing why he gets so much hate, but I guess i’ll cut this a little short as I don’t want to say anything that might step on the toes of anything I hope write about Wale after his Heineken Green Room show next month in Philly at The TLA.  You know assuming I actually get in this time…fucking Heineken.  I didn’t get in…furthermore I didn’t even go to Ambition show earlier this month…what the fuck am I doing with my life smfh.  Anyway, tracklisting and link below for More About Nothing and links to the others.  Ambition drops Tuesday.  I fucks with The Eleven One Eleven Theory…I need to go back and listen to that some more.

Download Mixtape: More About Nothing

Download Mixtape: The Mixtape About Nothing (Mixed By Nick Catchdubs)

Download Mixtape: Back To The Feature

Download Mixtape: Paint a Picture

Download Mixtape: Hate Is The New Love Mixtape

Download Mixtape: 100 Miles And Running

Download Mixtape: The Eleven One Eleven Theory

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