Finding a Pulse: Where Do White Female Rappers Fit?

Official Street Radio September 11, 2012 Music No Comments

As I ventured into yet another internet journey this morning I came across a white emcee named Iggy Azalea.  What immediately came to my mind is which one of my old mall rat companions turned into the new youtube sensation. I listened to a few of her songs which to my surprise was pretty decent.  Whether it was the beats that grabbed my attention, her flow, or the strange overabundant use of kids in her video “Murda Buziness”, she’s garnered a little bit of a following.  Currently she has partnered with T.I. and Grand Hustle Entertainment to produce her upcoming debut album The New Classic due later this year.  Bringing me to the issue as to whether a white female rapper can have sustained success or is there simply too big of a social barrier they become short lived schticks? While there’s no question that Iggy has more lyrical prowess than Kreayshawn(until I hear something other than “Gucci Gucci”) it seemed her focus was more on the character she wants to portray rather than her overall content. It’s true that you cannot have one without the other but when I found out she was an Australian I became further confused by her self portrayal. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw her was “white Nicki Minaj.” Not quite as developed but as far as content is concerned I see very similar themes. So will she become the first white female rapper to solidify her place in current music? Is this the female version of Eminem to break down any remaining barriers? I remain undecided on a personal level but one thing she has going for her is the crossover appeal into the trendy house/dubstep genre. Next time I step into one of Philadelphia’s fine lounge establishments, I would not be surprised to hear one of her songs playing over the speakers.  Below are videos of 6 current trending white female rappers. The one I would keep an eye more in the cult following sort of way is Kitty Pride. For some reason she reminds me a little bit of Tyler the Creator in the orchestration of lyrical flow with a little bit of a creepy vibe to her.  For better or worse(solely your opinion) enjoy!

1.Iggy Azalea

2. Kellee Maize

3. Kreayshawn and V-Nasty


4.Kitty Pride


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