E. Ness

E. Ness
The Lockness Monsta

E. Ness of Diddy’s hit group, “Da Band” and the widely successful MTV show “Making  the Band”, has established an incredible buzz throughout the hip-hop industry.

Ness, who is frequently called the “Captain” and “a thinker” by Sean “Diddy” Combs himself, has played an influential role in the success of the group which debuted at number 2 on Billboard Top 200 albums in the country. Ness has since appeared on various talk shows such as The View, CNN Live and MTV’s TRL to name a few.

A distinct voice and intriguing word play are just two of the characteristics that distinguish this aspiring new Bad Boy Entertainment artist. Ness, whose real name is Lloyd E. Mathis native of Philadelphia, PA. Ness began his music career in as a hip hop, R&B and “break dancer” who competed in local talent shows and artist showcases. Emulating his performances after one of the greatest entertainers, Michael Jackson, Ness realized that he had a rare talent for captivating an audience. Along with dancing, Ness had a passion for rhyming. Inspired by rap artists/groups KRS-1, A Tribe Called Quest, Big Daddy Kane and Eric B. and Rakim, Ness began developing a lyrical style of his own.

Ness has also established an entertainment company called Rest Ya Neck Entertainment. The company is instrumental in producing and managing artists, and giving back to Ness’s community.

Currently Ness can be found on radio and mixtapes nationwide. His online reality show “Swamp Vision” has become an internet sensation as it follows E. Ness through his journey of being an artist, business man, family man, and all the comes with those duties . All episodes are featured at

Ness states, “I’ve wanted to be a recognized star all of my life, so far it has not, and will never become an issue. I thank everyone who has been supportive. And for those who doubt me, SUMBIT NOW OR SUBMIT LATER BUT YOU WILL SUBMIT!”

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